Woody Plant

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Woody plant is a business that is constantly innovating to create products that lift and waste that undermine the environmental impact to be beneficial for nature and people. We treat waste industrial waste wood pallets and plastic bottles into media such as gardening gardening box and various forms of pot. Gardening box is a mini gardening media package that can be applied practically and easily, because in it is included the box, scop, soil, organic fertilizer, spray, seed and usage instructions. For parents who have children to provide education through the activities of gardening and caring for plants, a means to provide gardening experience, training responsibilities and discipline for children. Attractive design tailored to different segments, and can adjust the order and the needs of the customer.

Ecological imbalance has occurred worldwide. All started from the human hand, awareness of the environment that can restore and reduce damage to our nature. Invites the public to be aware and cultured environment is one of our dreams. By not littering and participate separating by category when taking out the trash. Any small positive movements we do will have an impact on nature and humans in the future.

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