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Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge http://sociopreneurchallenge.com Simple idea, big impact Tue, 27 Feb 2018 01:17:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.9 ISoC Goes To Malang & Surabaya Report http://sociopreneurchallenge.com/isoc-goes-to-malang-surabaya-report/ http://sociopreneurchallenge.com/isoc-goes-to-malang-surabaya-report/#respond Mon, 06 Jun 2016 03:26:04 +0000 http://sociopreneurchallenge.com/?p=4532 Read More]]> In a series of ISoC 2016 roadshows in Surabaya and Malang, ISoC team got an opportunity to visit a tourist village named Glintung Go Green (3G). One of the attractions owned by the 3G village are the green areas created by its local community. The green areas are spread around the village, not just in one particular space. Behind all of this is Mr. Bambang Irianto, the head of the community group (RW) of the 3G village, who imposed a unique regulation for its people. Any citizen wishing to obtain RW stamps, which are needed to arrange permits or any legal documents, is required to contribute to the local environment through planting at home. This can be done by using hydroponics, vertical gardens, or biopores. This unique regulation encourages local community to actively contribute for their environment.

On April 12-13, 2016, ISoC team continued the roadshow by organizing a seminar with the theme “Think. Do. Make a Difference”. The first seminar was held in Universitas Brawijaya by presenting 3 keynote speakers experienced in the field of social entrepreneurship, they were Dessy Aliandrina, Ph. D, dr. Gamal Albinsaid, and Ir. Bambang Irianto. In the seminar, the ISoC team were also invited to participate in the launching of the Entrepreneurship Study Program, Faculty of Business and Economics of Universitas Brawijaya. Then, the seminar discussing about social entrepreneurship along with the socialization of ISoC was also held in Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya (PENS) and Institut Informatika Indonesia (IKADO) Surabaya.

From the three seminars, it can be seen that the participants’ enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship is sky-high. This is proven by the amount of participants attending the hall room where the seminars took place. Therefore, we expect the participants were challenged and will show their contribution in solving social problems in Indonesia, one of the ways is by joining ISoC 2016.

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ISoC Goes to Malang & Surabaya http://sociopreneurchallenge.com/isoc-goes-to-malang-surabaya/ http://sociopreneurchallenge.com/isoc-goes-to-malang-surabaya/#respond Mon, 11 Apr 2016 12:12:19 +0000 http://sociopreneurchallenge.com/?p=4424

Surabaya and Malang will be the next destination in a series of ISoC 2016 roadshows. As we know, both Surabaya and Malang are the largest city in East Java which are known as city of education, industry, and tourism. Therefore, ISoC team were excited to engage the community in Surabaya and Malang to develop these potential through Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge (ISoC) 2016.

On April 12-13, ISoC team will give a seminar with the theme “Think. Do. Make A Difference” in three places; Universitas Brawijaya, PENS (Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya), dan IKADO (Institut Informatika Indonesia). But, especially in Brawijaya University, the seminar will be attended by dr. Gamal Albinsaid, young Indonesian sociopreneur that will be one of the judges of ISoC 2016.

In the seminar, the participants will be given an opportunity to learn from experienced mentors who are experts in sociopreneurship. We hoped, by receiving a hint about social entrepreneurship through the seminar, many brilliant ideas will come up in ISoC 2016 from Surabaya and Malang, and even become the next winner from East Java, continuing the achievements that have been obtained by Corpies Creative Team as Best of The Best in ISoC 2015.

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ISoC Goes to Padang in Ranah Minang http://sociopreneurchallenge.com/isoc-roadshow-to-padang-west-sumatra/ http://sociopreneurchallenge.com/isoc-roadshow-to-padang-west-sumatra/#respond Mon, 28 Mar 2016 08:21:07 +0000 http://sociopreneurchallenge.com/?p=4381

Padang, the capital of West Sumatra province, was the first city that was visited by ISoC team to promote Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge (ISoC) 2016 through seminars. Padang was listed as a place to promote ISoC 2016 because the province well-known for famous entrepreneurs and, last year, two out of 8 winners of ISoC 2015 originated from Padang.

People in West Sumatra is well-known as Urang Minang and own a unique culture based on a matrilineal system. The unique culture is exposed on horn-shaped roof of traditional house, culinary (e.g., rendang, curry), and artworks (e.g., songket, sulaman). Furthermore, its geographic features offer a land of scenic beauty with lakes, mountains, and tropical forests.

ISoC team was landed in Padang on March 14 and welcomed by hot weather because the city is located on western coast of Sumatra. The City is one of the cleanest big cities in Indonesia and it has clean and wide canals that connect rivers with the Indian Ocean.
There were two seminars held in Padang: in Bung Hatta University and UP Co-working Space. There were hundreds of attendances in both seminars. Enthusiasm of attendants was indicated by numbers of attendances and questions during the seminars. Furthermore, ISoC team was also pampered by delicious dishes during three-day road show, which was priceless.

We are hoping for more participants from Padang who will submit their solutions for waste problems in South Tangerang, and, of course, continue the glory of having winners from West Sumatra in ISoC 2016.

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