ISoC Goes To Malang & Surabaya Report

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In a series of ISoC 2016 roadshows in Surabaya and Malang, ISoC team got an opportunity to visit a tourist village named Glintung Go Green (3G). One of the attractions owned by the 3G village are the green areas created by its local community. The green areas are spread around the village, not just in one particular space. Behind all of this is Mr. Bambang Irianto, the head of the community group (RW) of the 3G village, who imposed a unique regulation for its people. Any citizen wishing to obtain RW stamps, which are needed to arrange permits or any legal documents, is required to contribute to the local environment through planting at home. This can be done by using hydroponics, vertical gardens, or biopores. This unique regulation encourages local community to actively contribute for their environment.

On April 12-13, 2016, ISoC team continued the roadshow by organizing a seminar with the theme “Think. Do. Make a Difference”. The first seminar was held in Universitas Brawijaya by presenting 3 keynote speakers experienced in the field of social entrepreneurship, they were Dessy Aliandrina, Ph. D, dr. Gamal Albinsaid, and Ir. Bambang Irianto. In the seminar, the ISoC team were also invited to participate in the launching of the Entrepreneurship Study Program, Faculty of Business and Economics of Universitas Brawijaya. Then, the seminar discussing about social entrepreneurship along with the socialization of ISoC was also held in Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya (PENS) and Institut Informatika Indonesia (IKADO) Surabaya.

From the three seminars, it can be seen that the participants’ enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship is sky-high. This is proven by the amount of participants attending the hall room where the seminars took place. Therefore, we expect the participants were challenged and will show their contribution in solving social problems in Indonesia, one of the ways is by joining ISoC 2016.

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