ISoC Goes to Padang in Ranah Minang

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Padang, the capital of West Sumatra province, was the first city that was visited by ISoC team to promote Indonesia Sociopreneur Challenge (ISoC) 2016 through seminars. Padang was listed as a place to promote ISoC 2016 because the province well-known for famous entrepreneurs and, last year, two out of 8 winners of ISoC 2015 originated from Padang.

People in West Sumatra is well-known as Urang Minang and own a unique culture based on a matrilineal system. The unique culture is exposed on horn-shaped roof of traditional house, culinary (e.g., rendang, curry), and artworks (e.g., songket, sulaman). Furthermore, its geographic features offer a land of scenic beauty with lakes, mountains, and tropical forests.

ISoC team was landed in Padang on March 14 and welcomed by hot weather because the city is located on western coast of Sumatra. The City is one of the cleanest big cities in Indonesia and it has clean and wide canals that connect rivers with the Indian Ocean.
There were two seminars held in Padang: in Bung Hatta University and UP Co-working Space. There were hundreds of attendances in both seminars. Enthusiasm of attendants was indicated by numbers of attendances and questions during the seminars. Furthermore, ISoC team was also pampered by delicious dishes during three-day road show, which was priceless.

We are hoping for more participants from Padang who will submit their solutions for waste problems in South Tangerang, and, of course, continue the glory of having winners from West Sumatra in ISoC 2016.

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