Terms and Conditions


1. Participants must be at least 18 years old. No maximum age.

2. Participants must be able to both read and speak English proficiently.

3. All entry materials for ISoC must be presented in English.

4. Participants cannot submit more than one application.

5. Participants can be an individual or a team of up to 3 members.

6. Participants must signify their commitment by paying a $10 commitment fee (for non-Indonesian citizens) or IDR 100.000 (for Indonesian citizens).

7. Participants must submit every application requirements. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

8. Participants must submit a complete application before the deadline.

9. All applications must focus on science or technology solutions on waste problems with market potential in South Tangerang or more broadly, Indonesia.

10. Participants of educational campaign must ensure that their application have not been submitted to other competition as either a whole or a part of.

11. For applications in Idea Stage category: The applicants must intend to execute their idea as business in South Tangerang, Indonesia.

12. For applications in Startup Stage Category: the startup must already be established but is less than three years of age (as of October 31th, 2016).

13. Participants must hold a valid passport and are eligible to travel to participate in the boot camp and final event, if selected as a finalist. The applicant must be able to obtain Indonesian visa that allows monetary reimbursements. Also, the applicant should be available to present their Idea or Startup during the boot camp and the final event.

14. For a team application, each team should appoint one member who will represent the venture in the application. However, all team members should be clearly documented in the application. In case the application progresses to the final, the ISoC committee will allow only one member to represent the team in the boot camp and the final event.

15. Each applicant must choose to enter the competition in either Idea Stage or Startup Stage classification based on the following criteria:

  • Idea stage is open only for sociopreneurs who have a concept/technology to solve waste problems, has not started the business yet but has intentions and the willingness to execute the concept/technology proposed. The sociopreneur should not only has a concept/technology but also a business proposal including a team whom the sociopreneur will be working with to execute the business.
  • Startup stage is open for established ventures that are less than three years of age (as of 31 October 2016) and has a product/service to solve waste problem and in currently in a pilot or testing stage.

16. Applications that fall under the following categories will not be accepted:

  • Research projects with no demonstrable commercial potential.
  • Teams based on charity or foundations (non-profit) organization.
  • Finalists from previous ISoC 2015 who have travelled and competed on ISoC 2015 boot camp and final event.
  • Teams based at organizations that buy and resell technologies and other goods.

17. All prize winners of the ISoC 2016 must have access to or the ability to obtain a bank account that is able to accept wire transfers in order to receive funds.

Application Process

In order to participate in the competition, eligible applicants must submit their application online at sociopreneurchallenge.com by the announced deadline. At the time of submission, applicants will

  • Classify the application as either an Idea Stage or Startup Stage project;
  • Assure that the purpose of the work proposed is to benefit South Tangerang and ultimately, Indonesia.
  • Acknowledge that any fund or support received from ISoC 2016 will be used for lawful purposes;
  • Commit to provide a report on the impact of any prize received from the competition;
  • Commit to use any ISoC 2016 prize money received to advance the S&T entrepreneurship goals described in the application; and
  • Certify that materials submitted in the application are the original work of the applicants. All applications advancing to the semi-final stage will be screened electronically to validate that the writings are that of the applicant and not taken from other sources. No application containing plagiarized writing will be funded under this competition.

Applicants and their representatives are encouraged to contact the ISoC 2016 team via e-mail to info@sociopreneurchallenge.com or Contact Page with questions regarding their application prior to the application deadline. However, applicants are expected to check the Frequently Asked Questions.